Crossfire or SLI

So basically a friend of mine needs help building his PC. He wonders whether he should get a GTX 760 or an HD 7950. He is goign to Crossfire/SLI and needs to decide. The question is whether you guys think that Crossfire will be fixed in the next 3-4 months. He really wants to get a 7950 since game developers are starting to make games optimized for AMD. I personally went with SLI 760 because I wanted to know for sure that everything was goign to be ok. 

well is he gonna be playing games with physx by anychance/+?

SLI > Crossfire, but 1 high end card > both SLI and Crossfire.


Single card solution.

Single card is often enough for most display configurations. If you need to have a dual card setup, I heard that crossfire issues had largely been fixed. It shouldn't matter if you go red or green.

Yep crossifre profiles have mostly eliminated all micro stuttering problems and general crashes. I personally just picked up a 7950 crossfire setup as I plan on maxing out 1440 for at least a year then trying to move them for something 9000 series, but like has been said before, if you can get away with it you should go with a single card solution. Basically if you can live with the 780 frame rates (espcially if you are going to push 1080p - don't even question it go for a 780/770) you should go with that, moslty for the option to add a second card in the future and the general stabilty with a single card setup.