Crossfire help

I recently decided to trade my Gtx 650 2gb for a HIS Radeon 5830 card. i was talking to one of my friends just now and he offered me a 5850 card with a broken cooler for free. From what I understand, I can crossfire these two cards successfully, right? I haven't really done anything with crossfire or SLI so I'm wondering if anyone has basic tips to give me or if there's anythign I should be aware of.

Thanks in advance



never done it myself (ive done quad SLi but with identical cards).

Youl need a bridge for that combo and you might get hassle when messing around with drivers. Also youl have to fix the heatsink.

I cant give any other advice really as i have never done it with differing card or AMD sorry.

Thanks for you help. Can anyone else give me any advice on this?

Make sure you have a motherboard that can do crossfire and enough power on your psu other then that install them put the crossfire bridge on install the latest drivers from amd and in the amd contol center under gaming enable crossfire.

Awesome. Thanks for the help. I was hoping it was that straightforward.