Crossfire HD7770 or Upgrade?

Hi everyone

I currently have a Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD 7770 installed from February and was wondering if I should buy another and Crossfire or buy something new like a 7870 LE.

These are the products I'm talking about:

7770 -

7870 Le -

Where would the Crossfired 7770s be placed on the Tom's Hardware GPU Performance Hierarchy:,review-32803-7.html


Thanks for your help!!

7870 LE all the way... very nice cards indeed. Also will be less heat than a crossfire setup,  & a 7870 le will overclock quite high (although I would probably go with a different brand if you can if you really wanna push it hard). Hope it works out for ya mate,

agreed with deejeta, the 7770 really isn't a card to xfire. i say this from experience. go with the 7870. 

i wouldn't buy that reference 7870XT you can buy a HD7950 for £15 more( £173.98 ) with 3 games (amazon never gives you the free games)

or THIS HD7950 for £190

Thanks for your replies, what do you think about this card?

Is it the same as this because there's no mention of LE/Tahiti?:

I've got my mind set on a 7870 LE now and was just looking for the best model and price.

Buy the 7950 it will be worth it >_>

If you can grab a 7950 DO IT. Seriously. 

7950 one more, single GPU all the way, especially on "lower end". SLI/CFX, avoid at all costs.

a 7870 le is s 7950 that didn't make the cut, unless it's much cheaper (it was for quite awhile) then you'd be mad not to get the 7950, especially when not many manufacture's make Tahiti le cards and the ones that do don't have very good reputations

At this time you should not buy anything lower than a 7950 for a single card solution . :)

There is about a £40 difference between an xfx 7870LE and 7950. 

Any thoughts?

7950 will be worth it much more than the 7870.

I read online that an overclocked 7870LE is comparable to a 7950?

No a 7870XT overclocked to the max gets close to a stock HD7950 and then a HD7950 overclocks to stupid fast speeds and is only 2-4fps away from  a overclocked HD7970 (as you can see above all the cards there have been overclocked and benchmarked)

Youed be crazy to buy a XT when you can get a HD7950 cheap and thay are selling out fast.