Critique my build? Plan on pulling trigger soon

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Here is the link guys!  Any input to possibly make it cheaper?  I am pretty set on the 970 over the 780. However since the strix is sold out, what other options would be good?

I also have to buy a monitor as well, preferably something 120hz and 1080p.  Recommendations would be awesome!  Thanks for the help you guys are awesome.  

This is my first time buying a PC around the holidays, do I just need to be on the lookout for good deals or how should I go about trying to get the best ones.  

LOL completely forgot to add one, thank you

What do you want to do with it?


Will you actually be using cds? I haven't in years.

You could get a Samsung 840 evo SSD, probely about just as cheap, but better performance, you can also use the Gigabyte G1 gaming 970, overclocks like a beast, and it looks like a beast, very large though.

Do you need 750W?

i would also change the rams, to low profile ones, like G.skill snipers 2x4GB 1866mhz 1.5V rams. Because ram speeds dont matter. And secondly, you dont have to worry for problems wenn fitting a bigger aircooler.

in terms of the GTX970, basicly they are mostly all fine. Gigabyte G1 gaming, like mentioned above is a great card. Also the Zotac AMP Omega. But offcourse a Msi GTX970 gaming will be totaly fine aswell. or EVGA ACX 2.0

pretty good, just dont' like midtower cases cuz fitting long graphics card is a pain. I would got for the corsair 750D or Nzxt h440 but that's just my preference. 

Well like above where is the Hard drive. Everything else looks solid. If you want a crazy over clock I would look into noctua cooler to keep it quit. I assumed seeing that you are using a silence optimized case. Or a 240mm water cooler if you don't care about that.

For monitors if you care about color accuracy. The Benq 144hz monitors have the best color I have seen for a fast TN. They use LED back lighting instead of side lighting.  

Hard drive will be added, just going to go with a 1tb.  Also I'm pretty set on the case, I've always wanted this one tbh hahaha. 

I probably won't be overclocking anytime soon so I don't think I would need the noctua.  All I plan on doing is gaming as well as maybe trying to stream.

Good call on the ram size I never thought of that, and I will also check out the samsung ssd.  Thank you all so much for the responses, really appreciate it.

(H440 is a mid tower)

I have the R4 case, unless for some reason you really want to see inside your case (overrated in my opinion but if its something you want thats alright) get the normal R4, better soundproofing and its cheaper.

Get 1x8GB or ram its cheaper and gives you better upgrade options in the future.

Since your not going to overclock, If the 4690K _doesnt_ come with a stock fan (i noticed its cheaper thank non K processor), get a non K CPU, drop the 3rd party fan and go with an H97 board not Z97 board. It will all come out cheaper.

If it _does_ come with a stock fan, just drop the 3rd part cooler, your not over clocking anyway and if you eventually do you can get it later.

You can save around $100

Also, the Define R5 if it haven't launched yet, it's about to, you may wanna consider that, from what I can see on reviews, it's very good.