Creating a MOTD for lan for CS:source

Hey guys, I wanted to create a message of the day for my LAN server for counter strike source. Could anyone help me with the code?

I can't figure out how to link the picture and start up music, so that people can download it upon entering the game.

Basically, I want to write:

Welcome to Nerd Night 2009! (centered and in arial black font at the top.)

I want this picture underneath:

and this music when you enter:

-Black background

Thanks guys in advance.

Oh, so the picture is named:

pic1.jpeg and its in the cstrike folder, just below the motd.txt folder

the music is named:


same location

Learn HTML its extremely simple google will solve all of those problems :D

I've tried for around 3 hours yesterday at my friends house. We got it to work on my computer, but it doesn't work on any of the computers in the lan. So, I'm not sure what code, tells the computer to download those certain files so you are able to see them any other computer.

I believe all the computers on the lan network should have the file.

WTF is up with the bumping goddammit?? Read the fucking date next time.

Lol, that's happened a lot today.