Creating a lab for a virtualized load balanced web server cluster


I'm looking for some advice on setting up a virtual lab environment for a virtual webserver cluster w/ a virtual load balancer. My goal is to have 5 virtual machines - 2 load balancers and 3 web servers.

It'd be cool to figure out away to make a "default gateway" on my 192 network that when hit, port-forwards to my load balancers (on 10. network) that then forwards to the web servers on a 172 network.

Right now I have 5 fresh CentOS instances spun up on virtual box on my host computer. I'm considering using nginx for both load balancers and also web servers.

Any suggestions on getting started?

personal use or professional?

Call it personal. My goal is create a solid lab environment that can be managed by Ancible. Ultimately I'd like to learn about clustered web environments and managing these environments with Ancible.

Planned environment:
Host Machine -
Has the virtual cluster

Management machine
Hosts a Fedora 23 VM with Ancible and used to manage the virtual cluster

On the host machine I'm building out a webserver and going to clone it two times.

* Created VM
* Installed CentOS7(CLI)
* Run Yum Update

Still to do:
- Install webserver (either nginx or apache) on
- Create crap helloWorld.html
- Create snapshot
- Clone VM 2 times
- Create VM for load balancer.
- Configure Load balancer to point to 3 webserver VMs.
- Test to make sure system works

On management laptop
- Install Ancible
- Configure Ancible environment to manage cluster.
- Test
- Play in new environment.

Need advice on which web server to use and load balancing software to use.