Creating a bootable ssd for 64 bit windows 7 on a laptop

i have a lenovo idepad z585 a10 4600m and a 750gb 5400 rpm hard drive. i bought a 32 gb Sandisk ready cache ssd to run with the hard drive in the laptop, the ssd is in a hard drive disk caddy. The ssd kept caching my games when i opened/ ran them and filled up instantly. now i want to convert the ssd into a bootable drive with the 750g drive as a storage drive. i would like to do this without having to format my laptop but am willing to do so. but i don't know how to do this and what steps i would need to take to get it done, i would also appreciate any tips/ tricks any one has to offer. This is my first time using a form so i hope i'm posting right.

Get an .iso disc of windows.

Insert into dvd drive during start up and boot to the dvd drive.

install windows on the ssd

set ssd as boot

the other files should remain on the hdd but you'll have to click through the hierarchy.

the problem i have with that is when both drives are plugged in i can't use the dvd drive :(

you should be able to install from a compatible usb drive