Create free email aliases for your domain

It should be taken into account that this solution has a very low level of privacy and security and without using pgp should be treated only for the needs of the address for junk/spam.

- What is this for?
This is one of the many solutions that can be used to register on various websites when we do not want to provide the main email address.
And at the same time, we would like to be able to define individual aliases per website in order to better identify where spam comes from, where our address may have leaked.

In order to get a free subdomain, we can use one of the many domains available at
We can operate the domain directly on this NS or delegate to other servers at our discretion.

We go to where we add our domain and destination email address to which all messages will go. It will be good practice to provide a less important email address, as a rule … if there was a leak or the need to abandon this account.

This service requires the delegation of domain MX records to the appropriate mail servers. (10) (20)

From now on, we have at our disposal any alias in our individual domain and all messages will be delivered to our [email protected] account.
[email protected]
[email protected]

This is just a loose example and there are many similar methods to achieve the same. This particular one is as the main element to be 100% free and intended for a user who does not have an email account that allows him to add an individual domain and does not support many aliases and catch-all functions.

Due to the fact that we entrust redirecting our messages to an intermediate entity, the level of privacy and security should be taken into account !!!


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