Crazy low OC voltage on fx-8320?

I recently picked up an AMD rig (m5a99x evo r2.0/fx8320/r9-280x) and decided I should at least get my 8320 up to 4.2ghz or so on my Hyper 212 EVO. Had some issues with cooling it even at stock when turning off throttling due to some shady heatpipes on the cooler (doesn't cool well at all when computer is standing up).

HOWEVER, with the computer lying down, I'm completely stable at 4.3ghz @ 1.23V with core temps at ~50-55C after several hours of IBT and a few degrees hotter in Prime95. It never goes above ~40C in gaming.

I haven't fiddled around with the processor too much, but if I could probably push it to 4.4 at the same voltage since I went straight from 4.2ghz 1.20v to 4.3ghz 1.23. Also due to vdroop the actual voltage is not really 1.23 but 1.18-1.20.

Is my motherboard giving the wrong voltage info (bios, different programs, everything) or have I gotten a chip equal to those 4,7-5ghz stock ones? The average 4.3ghz fx8350 OC seems to be at around it's average stockvolt~1.35v?) so my voltages seem exceptionally low.

You got a good chip by the sounds of it. Lord it over others.

sounds like you're pretty lucky... you bastard

Damn! You lucky, man! You should push it further.

Did you increase your LLC setting in the BIOS?

It's on medium I think. As it's stable like this at 4.3gHz I'll keep it this way until I get my cooler replaced and get another case fan as my case airflow is not that impressive and my VRMs (and socket temp) get quite hot.

I'm happy my chip seems to be great though, making it quite tempting to get a custom water loop just for the processor.

do it.