Crashes/Blur Screens Multiple Games Win 11

I’m experiencing random game crashes and blue screens (or whatever they are called now) on Windows 11. Generally games exit to desktop with no error message and the blue screens yield different erros every time. I’m running a 3090 with a ryzen 5900x with a 750 watt psu. Everything running at stock speeds except XMP memory profile. Memtest showed a bunch or errors that were fixed with a bios update but I’m still experiencing the crashes. I have tried reinstalling drivers and a fresh win 11 install. Any thoughts on where I can looks next to get more info about what’s causing the problem?

Could be a dying/faulty RAM. You should temporarily swap all if you have functional spares.

Also confirm if you are on the latest BIOS update.

I’ll run it with a single module and switch them out to see if it helps.

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Keep us posted

The machine crashed one more time after I updated the bios. Not sure what solved the problem but that was the last time I had an issue. I didn’t expect it to work because update on the x570 gigabyte board I have didn’t mention anything about ram compatability but I’m not complaining.


same black screened then c drive needed repair its just annoying as heck