Crank up the old boy


Me still runing an old pc want to upgrade it.Im not looking to spend alot but im just looking forward to get better performance without actualy building a new one. Im thinking of buying a new gpu for it but i dont know what fits it.

My gpu runs a PCIe x16 slot and i currently run 8800GT

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

What gpu would fit and run on my current available possibilities and ofcourse without bottleneckeking from the cpu power lack


thanks for the reply

Well yea i understand that i need to upgrade my gpu. BUT! I want to change it in not just the strongest gpu out there. I want it NOT BEING BOTTLENECKED by my weak cpu.

Do you have any suggestion what gpu is strong but it could run strong at its full power with my current cpu?

I have a case and i can fit currently any plousible size gpu. I have corais HX620W Modular PSU

While the 750ti is a good option for people who need the low power.  You have more than enough to get a r7 265, which is at the same price as the 750ti and will preform slightly better.  I would highly recommend the 265, it is a extremely underrated card.

I would recomend this saphire model -

There are other ones out there and its up to you but thats just my recommendation.  Also don't fall for the xfx having more cores than the other 265s it is a misprint, correct me if im wrong on that.