CPU's without coolers

I am kind of getting it now why the new XT AMD chips come with no CPU cooler. Well from my perspective.

I bought the AMD Ryzen 1700 on launch and proceeded to OC to 4GHz and it could not run a stress test at 4GHz but games never cap usage so I was golden. Over the years I’ve keep it 3.875 to 3.9 just so it was stable. All the time with temps close to the limit on the stock cooler.

All on linux and along came real focused gaming on linux this year and all of a sudden my steam client was processing vulkan shaders like a boss. So I bought the cheapest tower cooler in AU stores near me.

be quiet! Dark Rock Slim

Capped the CPU back to 4.0Ghz the best I can get and the temp cap out at 60C.

PS. I saw the steam mem usage shortly after and sudo swapon -a :slight_smile:

PPS Well a Chrome tab crashed on a 2nd display then I worked out memory :slight_smile:

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I guess we neglect the ambient a bit when thinking of coolers too.
Like, passive coolers might work better when the ambient temp is not hot enough to melt the balls off the sun.
Active coolers benefit too, but at least move the air…

I still think CPUs should come with at least some kind of cooler. Intel I believe completely abolished the box cooler, while AMD still pushes some chips with it.
I mean not everyone is going to OC and push their CPU to the max. Many people will just browse and play some games every now and then. In those cases instead of looking for coolers and reading reviews and wondering about case clearance and what not - you just put the stock cooler on and you are set.
Yes, you can go and buy something like DarkRock Slim or one of the 212 coolers and copy cats, or you can get a 240AIO and if you just browse around and play casually every now and then some games you don’t take any advantage, so the stock would do just as well…

Just sell cooler separately with a discount if you buy a cpu with it. Pretty simple if you ask me. Dont need the cooler dont add it to the cart


Like in the store “would you like a bag”? That’s on a store by store basis. You can’t expect all stores to have decent practices…

I was Die hard hard included CPU because my gaming work load till now was easy level OC .

Steam and vulcan crashed my PC. Don’t get me wrong I love that. Im not usually a blender user :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh not that hard, Id still prob get one if they only added on like $5 after discount


Lol a plastic bag or good cloth recyclable branded bag you can take into other stores and shame them ?

Derailing myself !

I use the plastic bags as trash bags for office/bathroom/bedrooms so they get used not just throw away so i generally take them if they dont charge me.


And no wasted crap cooler, a discount on a good one would be better

Doubt the BOM of the cooler is all that crazy in the volume they order.

And here lies my argument.
Before I started making all that crap YouTube thing again, a stock cooler would have been a good cooler for my needs. So what is a good Cooler?

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One that is good enough for My needs :slight_smile:


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