CPU Upgrade i9 7900x

Is there an upgrade path from an i9 7900x, just purchased a 3090 FE, and I feel like I’m getting no way near some of the frames and scores I am seeing online. Maybe the CPU is a factor in that, it is currently clocked at 4.6Ghz, I have a 1000 platinum rated Be Quiet PSU, so it’s not that, my ram runs at 3200Mhz.


You will want to check your board’s supported CPU list but I believe you should be able to use anything on here: LGA 2066 - Wikipedia

It will be a balance of sorts between core count and top CPU speed. To match your 7900x you might want the 10900x.

I am not fully up to date on the speed differences but I have to assume that the 10 series is faster than your 7 series CPU.

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I had the same problem with 6850k / x99. I have 3090 TUF. After upgrading to 11900k on z590 - its better than a lot of online reports.

My assumption is that its just combination of pcie 4.0 and various boosts with ABT, CAM (BAR) etc. Average clock speeds have not improved much but overall system bandwidth has improved massively.

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That’s good to know, not sure whether to go with your CPU or the 5950X?

That was my debate as well. I ended up going with 11900k because its cheaper and offers same if not better performance (with ABT and CAM/BAR) than 5950X for my use case.

Every time I bring this up I get crucified because I am supposed to hate Intel right now.

For me its pretty simple, aside from occasional recompile of a huge C++ codebase, I don’t really need multithreaded performance on scale 5950X.

I mostly game and make stuff in Unreal Engine and for web.

If I encoded video, or constantly compiled stuff (like huge libraries of shaders in Unreal even or whatever) - I’d go with 5950X. Otherwise I’d just rather have more m.2 storage.

From all my research, with exception of few edge cases like F1 - 11900k offers an edge over 5950X in games. And its cheaper, and available.

Great info, thanks.

Still, going from 10 cores 20 threads to 8 cores 16 threads kinda hurts inside lol

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Mhz matters.

I suppose. Can i not have both, plus lots of PCIE lanes? :wink:

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11900k clocks to 5.3ghz, 5950x to 4.8.

I reckon you can overclock that to 5.5 pretty easy under a custom water loop :slight_smile:

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It is not purely clock speed but instructions per clock as well. So the 11900K can clock higher and do more in each. That will have advanced a little each generation so the difference between 5950x and 11900k will be a decent amount.

EDIT: you know I was not thinking straight, I put it down to tiredness and heat… sorry I was thinking the old Intel 5960x, you meant the AMD 5950x, yeah that will be just fine, though they don’t tend to overclock super high.

I am cooling with h115i, works great. Custom loop could probably keep it very cool.

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