Cpu tim

Hey everyobody I was just installing my CPU cooler (stock one) and I put it correctly but I removed it so I'd be sure that I put it correctly, what I didn't notice was that it had TIM already.

So now I don't know if I should use the stock TIM or put the one that I bought?

If anybody knows the answer please reply, because I'm building my PC right now so it's kind of urgent

Thanks all


Update: Well I risked turning on my PC and after installing the OS the first thing I did was checking the temperatures, and I was pretty happy that the stock cooler was keeping the CPU at 30-35ºC (graphics card 28-33ºC although that doesn't matter now)

Then I took the bigger risk: running a game with stock cooler and stock TIM (TIM that had been separated from the CPU, like I said)

I'm glad I took the risk because running lightweight games like NFSMW '05 or League of Legends, the CPU was at 35-40ºC, and my surprise was that when running NFSMW '12 and GTA 4 at top settings the CPU was at 45-50ºC. And I should point out that the fans were working at their stock configurations, because when I turned them a bit up I was running GTA 4 at 45ºC with the fans at 50%

So, to sum up, I think that I'm right in saying that the stock coolers, even though they look small and they have bashed, they're more than capable enough to cool the CPU that they're sold with. (I always though that AMD/Intel wouldn't be stupid enough to sell us not powerful enough coolers, although newer laptops show that they can be, but that's not entirely the CPU maker fault, but that's a different topic)

PS: I didn't and I haven't overclocked my CPU with the stock cooler. Becuase 1st of all I don't like overclocks, and 2nd of all if you overclock then I don't think you should use the stock cooler.

(If you're interested, the specs are: Asus Z87-K, i7 4770, 8GB DDR3 1600mhz, Asus Radeon HD 7850 DirectCU2)

by TIM do you mean thermal paste? if so never use the stock paste on the heatsink it usually sucks and hardens like freaking glue on the cpu (especially arctic silver) and you will get a little bit better temps ~2ºc~

have fun building!

Changing the tim on a stock cooler isent going to make much differnce (stock coolers are garbage)

Save the tim you bought for when you buy a aftermarket cooler.