CPU socket overheating Help!

When ever I play farcry 4 i get a message from AI suite saying that my CPU is over heating, I heard that what AI suite means when it says CPU is actually the socket. It tells me that my CPU is 64 degrees centigrade. I have an AMD fx 8350 proccessor, an ASUS M5A99x EVO motherboard, Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler, Geforce GTX 770 graphics card, a NEX 750B power supply, and a Thermaltake Commander G42 mid-tower case. Is that too hot, and if so how can i fix it? I ran prime95 for about 10 minutes and my cores only got up to 48 degrees Celsius, and the socket reached about 64 degrees c. what can i do to make the socket not get so hot over time and what might be causing it to get so hot in the first place?

64 degrees is not even close to being "hot"

to answer your question though, if your case has a fan mount on the side panel facing your motherboard you could just put one there to have direct air flow on your mobo.

generally improving case airflow would help the most (is your system dusty?)

again 64 degrees is not that bad

No its not dusty, i keep it pretty clean. Ive been thinking about getting the Define r5 because the case i have has pretty poor air flow so maybe that will help. Thanks.

well, if we talk about AMD then 65C on the socket is hot.

Intel is indeed a diffrent story.

i would first advice to do a stresstest with Aida64 instead of prime 95.

Because prime is terrible.

65C on the socket, is allready on the hot side if we talk about AMD processors. I think you probably did not mount the cooler popperly, or you messed up the thermal paste job.

Which kind of thermal application method did you use?

dude check that your heat sink is evenly placed on your CPU. also don't trust what the AI suite tells you its not always accurate, i have the ASUS rampage gene IV and the dam thing tells me that my CPU voltage is 0.00 volts every once in a while.  go in to your bios and get the temps from there. 

64 degrees can spell death for an AMD chip bro.

by the way AMD quad and 8 core CPUs typically run on the hot side when being stressed. download AMD overdrive it'll give you a more in depth look at whats going on when you bench mark your CPU 

my current pc thinks it has parts hotter than the Sun.... so yeah what this guy said take hardware monitoring with a grain of salt.