CPU Power

So im building my first computer soon, and i found this AMD CPU:


it says its thermal power is 125W. So my question is, is that a lot of power for a CPU to take?  Also, if anyone knows a great CPU that is under $120 (at microcenter, I have to get everything from there) please let me know.



Well 125W tdp is not realy that much, but you will need a Decent mobo for it, i would suggest to pickup a FX6300 instead of the FX4350, because the FX6300 is arround the same price, but its a 6 core. its a better overall cpu for the same price.

grtz Angel ☺


this is the mobo i have:


do you think this will work with a 600W power supply?



need something more like a full parts list to speak on powersupply, atleast gpu

if that's the motherboard you already own, you could do alot worse (i just checked some stuff, don't aim for a high overclock, never use an 8 core processor on that board)

i guess i could post a full parts list, would some one be willign to look at that?

a 600W 80+ Bronze  psu from a decent brand, is most of the time good enough.

About that mobo the Msi 970A-G46 if you have this mobo allready, then please dont put a 125Wtdp cpu on that board. but deffanetly go with the FX6300 95Wtdp. Those msi 970 boards have realy weak vrm´s.

I would realy recommend a better mobo like the Asus M5A97 R2.0.

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I acctually dont have that board, i meant to say i had it picked out, sorry.

Let me rephrase my question/make a new one. Does anyone know of a good CPU/Mobo pair that would work well for $200 or under? 

i do :)


FX6300 with Asus M5A97 R2.0 board.  174.88 dollars

for $5-$10 more an 8320+ asus m5a97 r2.0/ gigabyte ga-970a-ud3

or swap the 8320 out for a 6300 to take $30 off (you could get a ga-990fx-ud3 and be just at $200, but i've heard mixed things about that board)

don't forget you'll be charged sales tax at microcenter (get so much stuff online you forget about that)

i would personaly go with the FX6300 with Asus M5A97 R2.0 bundel, and put that extra 30 dollars into the GPU.

That $5-10 does push my budget, which is sad but it does.

Also, i do know about sales in stores and no sales tax online and i  have taken that into account in my budget.

Thanks for all the help.

That works marvelously. Thanks so much!


Wut about the 6350?  :P 

Ok thanks everyone! i may come back in a few days with some other questions :D

thats cool good luck ☺