CPU peripherals communications

well, I was looking at ti, didn’t find what I want yet, and I think I’ll have a look at nxp and rockship.

I’m not an expert, despite having used linux system for years but I never had a look at kernel and never did config it

TI are… cool. They have a lot of really nice peripherals, lots of specialized stuff. The issue is, you need to use and program them. If you don’t and just treat it as regular ARM SoC you’re greatly overpaying.

This is relatively easy - you can have a TUI menu show up, it even has a search option, and navigate to whatever you want to enable or disable.

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Apparently I bookmarked this quite some time ago because it was good or something.

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I totally agree, I’m looking for something to be used as a general purpose CPU, for computing purposes (ARM computer that can run linux and android).
If you can point me to a company that doea that I’d be happy, because even nxp put in their SoC some stuff like DSP and DAC which I don’t need.

NXP, or Rockchip. Those are the only two around with general purpose SoCs. You can’t completely avoid the “it has extra stuff I won’t use” problem, but those two minimize it (Rockchip more than NXP) while having decent documentation and good mainline Linux support.

And I strongly encourage you to use a SoM. Or do you want to lay out a 1.5 GHz+ 32 bit parallel bus and then dial in the timings for the RAM?

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I can’t use SoM, but there are SoC that contain RAM inside them, or maybe I’ll find SiP

Check out https://octavosystems.com/ - admittedly, those are quite weak processors, but hey, it’s SiP. Other than that, I’m once again reminded of this one book, which is an actual university handbook. All I can say is, good luck.


Although, I’m curious, why no SoM? Physical constraints? Stupid employer? Emissions?

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physical constrains actually, i may try one if it’s so small, but unlikely

SGET just published a standard for SiP-like modules Open Standard Module.

It’s brand new, so the SoMs aren’t common yet, but at least one is out there.

Now that I think about it, it’s probably a miscommunication between us - I would call this a SiP-like SoM, not a SiP. But functionally, there’s little difference. And a quick check confirms that searching for “imx8 solderable som” yields decent results, as compared to searching for “imx8 sip”.

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The secure documents access thing in nxp website is disgusting, what’s that for?

Secure document access? I simply had to create an account and log in. What are you looking at?

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I made account and logged in, it asked me to fill up some info about myself and the company I work for (which I don’t) in order to give me access to some documentation.

Strange… I don’t remember anything besides creating an account.

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I think I got it, i was in Syria, and because of sanctions there are a lot of companies can’t do business with anyone is Syrian , so I think the account is still marked in their data bases.

I’ve seen this a lot. Obnoxious horse shit.

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