Cpu for streaming games

Hi i'm building new pc. Simply put: i5 4440(145euro) vs fx 8320(122euro).  But for amd i would have to get cooler and more expensive motherboard and meybe better power supply since i would have to OC it. Plus i have read some tests and amd cpus are consuming 100W more in load. I can't get i7 so i'm stuck here. I know amd would be better for streaming but intel seems trouble free and cheaper in the end. btw im noob so oc could be another problem. Any tips? How significant is really difference in streaming between these cpus?

If I were you, the AMD option is better as it is overclockable and has 8 cores compared to the Intel's which has only 4.

Also you don't have to buy a better cooler straight away as the base and turbo clock speed is higher than the Intel Core i5 4440.

You won't need a expensive motherboard as a mid-grade motherboard will do you fine, e.g: Asus 970 Evo R2.0 or the Asus 970 LE R2.0 etc.

So yeah...

If you get a FX 8320, you don't have to overclock it. it is just a viable option. No one is forcing you to overclock.

A 550W XFX power supply would be sufficent for single gpu setup for both intel and amd.

nononono you can not get a cheap motherboard with that processor! You NEED to get something with a 6+2 or 8+2 vrm design with ideally a 990x or 990fx chipset. (990x is only on the asus 990x evo to my understanding). You WILL burn up your board with a 8320 on the motherboards he suggested. It draws too many watts for the cheap vrms on those motherboards. 

  It is possible to get a good motherboard cheap on AM3+. The prices of good AM3+ vs good lga 1150 (intel haswell) is a lot lower. A good lga 1150 is usually about $150 and a great AM3+ is usually around $120. The AMD board and 8320 will also perform a lot better at streaming and overall gaming.  

The ASUS M5A97 R2.0 will be able to handle an FX 8320 fine. You just can't overclock it very well on that board. More so with an FX 8350. 

Though I don't recommend the LE revision as it lacks heatsinks on the VRMs. 

indeed overclocking is not realy needed for streaming.  anyway a decent decent 990FX chipsetboard does not cost that much more then an equaly feutured intel board. the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 is arround $125 or so.

No?! wtf it has a 4+2 power delivery system! that can't handle 125 or more tdp comfortably dumbass

My FX 8320 overclocked to 4 GHz on the exact same motherboard begs to differ.

So how hot are the vrms?

I wouldn't know. Motherboard temps say it's around 30 if that adds anything. I can't push it above 4.3 GHz. 

that's 30 at idle, not load so that means nothing. You may not be able to push beyond 4.3ghz because of that 4+2 vrm desing, or a limitation of your particular piece of silicon. With a very good chance towards the vrm becausew most 8320s can usually hit 4.5ghz.

ty for answers.
 What i want to stream is league of legends in hd. Do you think 4440 will have any problems with that?
And meybe if i get more serious about streaming i can get capture card meybe?

if you not realy like amd, and you want to go with an intel build for streaming and gaming, then i would say pickup an intel xeon 1230-V3 Hasswell cpu on a H87 mobo, its just a few bucks more then a i5-4670k but the Xeon has HT. its basicly a i7-4770 without igpu, this will realy bump your streaming performance.

^^^ She speaks words of wisdom.

i7 4770 is only 20 euro more. Only way i could buy that is without gpu :D 

What about GIGABYTE 970A-UD3P. how well could i overclock it there.

and this would be psu http://www.gigastore.sk/atx+16982/seasonic-zdroj-450w-ssp-450rt-aktiv.-pfc-80plus-gold/

dude. people run the 8320 on the 970 chipset quite often. besides, AMD mobos are cheaper than intel. like has been said, you can't OC very far. and an 8320 reliably getting 4.5?!?! what are you  smoking?

8350's usually only overclock to 4.6 or so. no way in hell is a lower binned chip gonna get a similar clock speed reliably.

yes, it will. you NEED the 8 cores. i was streaming at 720p, 60fps, 3500kbps just yesterday from my 8350 build.

besides, the 8320 is cheaper.

not much at all. and you need a higher wattage psu, if you're gonna have a decent graphics card. AMD fx chips do not have an igpu

gpu will be probably 270x toxic. are u sure it will not be enought? it has hight efectivity