Cpu fans not moving

hi guys i just got my pc running, and the cpu fans were running fine

i jsut did a fan xpert 2 automatic tuning and the cpu fan has stopped moving

the cooler im using is a phanteks ph-tc14pe, with 3 pin fans, that are plugged into the y spitter included then plugged into a pwm fan adapter that was also included, and the insturctions told me to do this

after the fan tuning the cpu fans have stopped moving, im assuming once the cpu gets hotter the fans will start, but should the fans always be moving?


i adjusted the ai suite fan speed for the cpu fan to  a higher minimum rpm and it seemed to fix the problem

but should your cpu fan be on all the time?

Yes it should be on at all time.

what temperature should the cpu be at?

In my opinion 30 degrees celcius idle is safe. But anything over 50-60 on load is bad.

heres my build http://pcpartpicker.com/user/1352350/saved/1Kzy

i was playing borderlands 2 with everything cranked up

the system was fairly quiet and i was pulling 42 degrees, is that good?

42 degrees on load looks fine to me

Yes sorry for the late reply but yes 42 degrees is very safe mine pulls 45c.

yeah i wish my temps were a little lower considering i have a massive heatsink and havent overclocked yet, maybe its because the thermal paste was getting moved around for like 15-25 minutes as i was trying to get the heatsink in

i idle around 35 degrees

Depends on your ambient temperatures and stuff. I get idle temps around 30, on the same chip, with the 12DX. Perhaps my room happens to be cooler, that's just the way it works.

Your temps are well within acceptable limits. 45 under load isn't that bad. It can be luck of the draw, but it appears you have a fair amount of overclocking headroom, as far as temps are concerned.

what temp should the gpu be at on idle and on load?

on load with borderlands maxed out its at 54 degres

My GPU idles around 30, overclocked on the Witcher 2 and Hitman: Absolution both on ultra it gets to the mid 70s.

so 70 tops is good? thats what i have percision x set at for the power target

I wouldn't want to go above 80, personally.