Cpu fan

i just got a new pc but i have been installing my games and i wit updates from windows and rendering long hd videos i leave it overnight and as its in my room the cpu fan is the loudest thing in there and i cant sleep with it running but

anyway to cut a long story i want to make the cpu fan spin less fast.  any software that can do this or am, i stuck wit the noisy ass cpu fan ?  


the cpu cooler 



the rest of the pc


amd fx 6350

8GB kingston ram

2TB segate baracuda HDD  it makes funny noises when i turn my pc on.  not sure if i should worry about that

corsair tx750m  as i plan on getting another 770 or selling it and buying 2 of the new amd gpus when i see reviews on them and if they are significantly better and cheaper 

asus sabertooth 990fx R2.0

What board are you using? Some mobo's have software that allow you to control the fan curves


if you can replace the fan replace it with a PWM (pulse width modulation) fan, you will know it's PWM because it's 4 pin/4 wires into the fan. from there depending on your motherboard you should be able to control it with asus bios software (fanexpert i believe) if not, you can buy a fan controller and use that to adjust the fan (pwm)

On your profile you list a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990 FX R2.0, If so, go download AI suite from the ASUS website and I believe you can control the fans from there.

Just remember not to go too low, otherwise you may risk overheating. 

i herd you can do it with a program called fasnspeed but i have herd that its a bi*tch to get working properly