CPU Fan for Threadripper 3000 -- Dynatron a35

I don’t hear much about Dynatron fans, but it seems like they make the only fully compliant TR3000 4U compatible cpu fan:

Has anyone used this for a racked Threadripper?

They are a good brand, one came with my Asrock x99 itx board. Probably wont get much better for air cooling without going bigger or maybe having ram issues

Im just wondering how loud it will be. :slight_smile:

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Noise Level: 16.0~48.4 dBA

Everyone has different tolerances so it really isnt a question someone else can answer for you as to if its loud to them or not.

The ambient temp will also effect this so yeah, hard to say if its loud even if you have a similar sound tolerance to someone else as environmental might still be different .

In a 4U case you should be able to use a small Noctua cooler for TR: https://noctua.at/en/nh-u9-tr4-sp3

Not really good for server air flow direction in a sever but should fit. Decent cooler use it on my 1950x

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