Cpu cooler for i7 920

Hi all! 

I have i7 920 D0 processory with MSI pro-e x58 motherboard.

18 gb corsair xms dd3 RAM, zotac gtx 770

Cabinet - Coller master cm690

Q. 1) I am looking for a decent overclock of my processor at around 4~4.2 ghz and I wanted to know if the following cpu cooler is more than enough for it or not?


(getting a good deal here today)

Q.2) Also wanted to know that if all of my RAM slots are occupied so will this fan obstruct any of them?

Q.3 ) Do i need to more fans other than the stock fan my cabinet came with?

Thank you

412's are ok and will yield half decent temps depending on the volts you need.

The xms ram you have is relatively low profile so you wont have any clearance issues.

Its always good to have as much airflow as you can so yeah grab some more fans. Voltage drop them so they are quiet if thats an issue.

I guess uptil 1.3V ? Or correct me if I am wrong.

just bare in mind that 4ghz for an i7 920 is a MASSIVE overclock. reaching 4.2 would be quite a stretch. be careful not to fry your chip. 

a 212+ barley does 4Ghz at safe temps

I bought the cooler master tpc 812. It felt more safe for anywhere around 3.8 - 4 ghz.

okay :S thanks :S will try between 3.8 - 4 ghz then with cooler master tpc 812

+1, the 920 doesn't get that hot except on the limit of it's overclocking headroom, it's the last .1 GHz that requires the bulk of the extra voltage and causes a spike in the heat. 4 GHz should be attainable with most 920s with a 212, 4.1 will be a huge struggle. But everything varies from processor to processor, although not as much as on later gens.

Just pinned in the cm tpc 812. Will get into overclocking guides tomorrow :) 

So this is my first ever attempt with OC.


System specs mentioned above.

Few questions.

1) Can I stretch it more? 
Using cooler master's tpc 812. 

2) Do the volts look fine?

I am currently testing the stability. will keep updating.

you have a pretty good thermal headroom, wether or not the chip can go any further is out of my expertise but it won't be unstable because of temps

Cool. : ) I should make a new thread with better headline for people to comment : )