CPU Clock low in windows

I have a FX-8320 and in CPUID and the bios the clock speed is 4.2GHz but in windows its 1.29GHz.

also when doing the AIDA64 test the cpu does this:

Thanks for any help.

Nothing is wrong. Task manager just has a bad habit of reporting it incorrectly

can it be wrong in system too?

My 4690K is clocked at 4.4 and task manager and system both say 3.5.

Oh ok this is my first gaming PC I thought I did something wrong :)

i guess there is something wrong because when I play borderlands now I only get around 30fps and before I got over 100

download cpuZ and report the clocks you get underload

I was able to fix it by Changing my clock speed back to stock then re overclocking it :)