CPU bottle-necking

So my new graphics card came in today (GTX 650 ti) and I put it into my system. I have a dual core AMD CPU the a6 5400k, the only problem was that I wasn't getting the same performance that every benchmark that I have seen did, no where near in fact. I would just like to know if the problem is the CPU, even if it is it will not be a problem I have an AMD x4 750K that is coming in tomorrow :D. So I will a have a quad core CPU and will hopefully fix the problem. Anyway any help would be much appreciated, thanks-Cody.

Since the 5400k is only a dual core, yes that is holding performance back a fair bit. The 750k will be much better.

Chances are the reviews of the 650ti's that you were reading were using systems with substantially more powerful cpu's. Meaning that there is no chance of cpu bottlenecking and allowing the gpu to be the limiting factor is tests. There arent many review sites about that use apu's in a test rig.