Cpu Boost Clock

How does this work? I'm guessing if the cpu is running cool it will overclock itself?

So when you overclock is the boost speed disabled?

Normally when the cpu is under full load as long as it does not hit its thermal limit (which is bad) it will go to the boost clock.  When you overclock to get a stable overclock you normally need to disable it and it is kind of useless when you are overlcocking anyway because your cpu will be running faster then the boost clock speed.

Will it underclock itself to stay below the thermal limit?

yes but somtimes your computer will just turn off from it.  But your computer should not be getting any where close to the thermal limit of the chip unless you do somthing like run a big overclock on the stock heatsink or the fan fails.

Alright, all makes sense. I cannot thank you enough for this advice.