COX charging for data usage

For everyone that will soon complain when they receive their bill:

For Cox customers located in the following service areas, if you exceed your data plan, we automatically provide additional 50 GB blocks of data for $10 each. Blocks are provided only when needed and do not affect your Internet package. There is no change to the speed or quality of your Internet service if you exceed your data plan.

Cleveland, OH
Las Vegas
Omaha, NE
Sun Valley, ID

Grace Period Information

To help our customers in the Arizona, Louisiana, Las Vegas, and Oklahoma service areas get accustomed to this change, we are providing a grace period for two consecutive bill cycles (about 60 days) before we begin charging for additional blocks.

The grace period starts with data usage cycles that begin on July 6, 2017.
During the grace period, any charges you may incur for exceeding your data plan will be reflected on your bill statement along with an automatic matching grace period credit.
Beginning with bills dated October 8, 2017, grace period credits will no longer apply.

Data Usage and Cox Services

The following Cox services or video content do not count toward your data usage.

Cox Digital Telephone and Cox Homelife services.
Most video content accessed from your cable receiver, the Contour app, and on

Playing video content identified as Internet or TV GO does count toward your data usage. The following icons display by each applicable program title.

In the Contour 2 on-screen guide, content marked with the icon Internet icon will count toward your data usage.
In the Contour app and on, content marked with the icon TV GO icon will count toward your data usage if your device is connected to your Cox Internet service.
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I hate Cox so much. I had almost no complaints with their service (aside from price) until now.

"Our video service through the Contour app doesn't count towards data"
Such BS. Desperate attempt to try to get people to buy their shit cable TV service.

At least the total cap for my plan is 1 terabyte

They are not charging for their video services but they are charging for competitors?

Net neutrality is now dead under current FCC rules.


Why am I not surprised that COX are being cocks about internet usage.



Service Electric Cable would just turn off the tap after so much Data.
Loving Frontier DSL :slight_smile:

Yeah, I've been seeing this coming a year or two out.

We occasionally get "usage reminders" sent to us from COX about using more than 1TB a month.

I'm just going to start by saying that we've got 5 people in the house, four of which use netflix on a regular basis, 3 of which play either Steam or Xbox.

I just had to redownload my steam library due to a hard drive failure. I've amassed a steam library of 1.6TB. That alone is over their soft limit. I'm looking forward to the letter I get from them this month.

Let's not get started on the whole "I work from home" thing. I go through about 20GB/day on my work desktop between 8am and 5pm. so... 20*20=400 So, 40% of my monthly allocation just to work? And that's just me! Don't forget that there are 4 others in this house.


Yeah, I'm lucky there are only 2 people in my house and I don't have to re-download my steam Library very often.
I can't imagine the frustration having 5 people on netflix, working from home, etc.

Hands up, everyone who naively thought that their ISP bill wouldn't increase under Net Neutrality. We are dealing with government sanctioned monopolies and they are going to get their pound of flesh one way, or another. Many of these ISPs also have failing CATV businesses which need to be propped up. CATV is a dying business, primarily because of the alternative programming which is available via the Internet. If the ISPs can not throttle and charge extra for "out of band" services, then you can be certain that they will increase their charges somewhere else, in order to make up the difference.

Besides, bribing, sorry, lobbying politicians is a very expensive endeavor and the ISP's aren't going to foot the bill for that, you are! The politicians certainly aren't going to intervene on the behalf of the citizens, because they have become too dependent on "campaign contributions" from the Cable/ISP industry. Sure, they will make a show of threatening the ISPs periodically, in order to gin up additional "campaign contributions" but in the end, the politicians will protect their cash cows.

I wish one of these Cox suckers would wake up with a horse head in their bed.

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Everyone should call them up and ask if they work for Cox. When they say yes, ask them, "about how many do you earn in a day?".

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