COVID 19 contact tracing encryption specifications

contact tracing via mobile apps is being built, that includes the cooperation from apple and google, as well as health organisations.

Apple and Google have released the encryption specs that will be used for this tracing

I believe this is what will be used in conjunction with government apps (possible) the NHS for example will have an open source app for contact tracing.


Yeah, one Article moaned that the range would be far, and false reports/alerts would be sent, which in my mind would still be better.
Another notes that Apple might easier roll out a patch, than Android with its 3rd party partners

Doesnt need a system update. Its done with an app using bluetooth mac address as an indication of being in proximity of infected individuals.
Same way occupancy is determined or localized advertising is done in brick & mortar stores.

Thanks. I saw the bit about the apps being available for Android 6+ and presumed they would deal with partners to reach the other 20% of users, but nope, no mention. seems users with obsolete devices will have to upgrade. Which they really should anyway…