Court case for incorrect billling?

I don't really remember, but I wanted more information on this. Logan and Wendell were talking on one of the Teks about how people that were billed incorrectly could file a lawsuit against the company. I think it was Wendell that said, "You had to get a new router and the phone call to the company said it would be free, but you got charged for it anyways. With proof, like a recording of the phone call and a copy of the billing, you could file a (civil?) lawsuit, that a lot of lawyers would be willing to jump on." I was wondering what specifically this situation would be called and what somebody has to do to take action on this situation. (If anyone knows which episode of the Tek this is in, that could also help)

Thanks for any help!

yeah  ... they need a way for us to better search their episodes ...

Wendell   (and the other TS staff) ... what good is a vast amount of facts and data  (see it once and then it is lost in the archives)  ... if it is too difficult to retrieve?

Edit ... it sounds like a very dedicated community member could do something with proper instruction and tools made available to them.

From what I've read, if it's a phone company they can be sued with this section


Which states 

(b) All charges, practices, classifications, and regulations for and in connection with such communication service, shall be just and reasonable, and any such charge, practice, classification, or regulation that is unjust or unreasonable is hereby declared to be unlawful: Provided, That communications by wire or radio subject to this Act may be classified into day, night, repeated, unrepeated, letter, commercial, press, Government and such other classes as the Commission may decide to be just and reasonable, and different charges may be made for the different classes of comunications: Provided further, That nothing in this Act or in any other provision of law shall be construed to prevent a common carrier subject to this Act from entering into or operating under any contract with any common carrier not subject to this Act, for the exchange of their services, if the Commission is of the opinion that such contract is not contrary to the public interest: Provided further, That nothing in this Act or in any other provision of law shall prevent a common carrier subject to this Act from furnishing reports of positions of ships at sea to newspapers of general circulation, either at a nominal charge or without charge, provided the name of such common carrier is displayed along with such ship position reports. The Commissioner may prescribe such rules and regulations as may be necessary in the public interest to carry out the provisions of this Act.