Couple of issue with popOS (Ubuntu + GNOME)

As mentioned in a separate thread I’ve installed popOS on my wife notebook and she currently isn’t too happy with it. These are the issues that annoy her the most. (Info: She has a convertible and almost exclusively uses the notebook like a tablet via the touchscreen).

  1. The power button does not turn the display off but rather, asks whether to shut down the system. Is there a way to quickly turn the display off?
  2. Firefox’ can not be used with the touchscreen. First it selects/highlights stuff instead of scrolling and second every keystroke has to be made twice, because the onscreen keyboard loses focus.
  3. The onscreen keyboard ignores the language used on the system. It is just an English QWERY keyboard. Furthermore, there are not function keys like ctrl, tab, stuff like that. Also, the default keyboard does not highlight pressed buttons, which can be confusing when inputing a password.
  4. The screen is more flickery than on Windows. I.e. when the screen is rotated it is (seemingly) black for a longer duration than on WIndows. Furthermore, when the notebook is moved around the screen sometimes flickers shortly.

Please help me make my wife more satisfied with popOS (and GNOME) for that matter :slight_smile:
Thanks :wink:

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Gnome settings, power, bottom of the menu

Double check your mouse settings for your touch screen. I don’t remember if gnome has grab settings or not but deepin does and I always have to check that shit on my X230T.

Ta da, gnome. Look at gnome plug ins for that and find a better keyboard someone made. Dunno otherwise.

Does the unit have an accelerometer for auto rotation? If so, turn that off.


Thanks! In Germam it had a weird name that didn’t suggest (at least imho) that it would turn the screen off.

While I was able to find a better keyboard with more keys I haven’t found one that allowed another locale. :frowning:

Haven’t been able to fimd the corresponding settings yet.

Anyway, thanks for your help so far, it’s truly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Sounds like she wants windows man.

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I wouldn’t mind that (even though I personally prefer Linux, but to each their own)…
The thing is, her notebook has a 64GB drive which becomes too small all the time. I cleaned everything there is to clean, but somehow Windows becomes larger and larger. I’ve read somewhere that Windows uses a weird cache that grows over time, although I’m not 100% on this.

But Linux on the other hand, stays quite small :slight_smile:
Problem is, as mentioned above I haven’t discovered an appropriate onscreen keyboard yet and touchscreen support seems to be more sophisticated under Windows. So, it might be that I’ll just reinstall Windows on it again and we format her computer every 1.5 years.

@FaunCB Without the accelerometer, the screen won’t automatically switch between portrait and landscape, will it?

With it turned off or removed, the screen will not auto rotate. It will use the default screen position, which is likely landscape.

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Thx, figured as much. Unfortunately, she regularly rotates the screen. Thus, it is not a viable option for me :frowning:

Yeah, if you arent diligent on deleting the update cache and temp files then it can be a problem. You could make that a scheduled task.

On the other hand I’m not sure about popos as a whole. I havent tried it personally. I’m more of a hat guy myself. Seems like a real PITA. for little return. The problem is, I have no experience with touchscreen stuff outside of ios or android. Cant help but wonder if fedora would be the better way [shilling intensifies].

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Since both use GNOME, I think it should be the same, shouldn’t it?

Myself, I’m a Manjaro + i3 kind of guy :smiley:

Yeah, but not necessarily the same version or with the same extras.

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Would you say it’s worth giving it a shot? (I can only install OSes a certain number of time to stay below the wife-tolerance-factor threshold^)

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I would run it live yourself to see if it exhibits the same issues. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, I could do that when she isn’t using it. We’ll see…thanks for your help :wink: