Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Anyone excited for CS:GO??? I am pretty excited to have a new counter-strike that feels different as I have gotten too good at CSS where it can be boring at times now. The game has come a long way since I started testing it as an early beta user, and coming it at 15 dollars, I think Valve will have themselves another winner. Let's hear some thoughts, and for those of you that don't know here is a pre-order 10% off option

i'm looking forward to it.  was never "1337" at any version of CS (i put most of my energy into Day of Defeat 1.3 and Source in terms of getting good at a game and playing it competitively - miss the good 'ol days of CAL and idling IRC channels with my clans), but i think i may pick this up on both pc and console so i can play with all my friends.  would be nice to see them refresh DoD too.

I am excited about CS:GO but to be honest i'm more angry than anything else, simply because people who have never played counter strike in their lives and never gave any feedback about the game got beta keys where as i, and many other who play css all the time never got beta keys. Apart from that I cannot wait until I get a hold of CS:Go

I totally understand where you are coming from. I think the main reason why this is, is that they were trying to get as much spread of information as possible from all different kinds of sources. Although, if I do recall, they said everyone would get a chance to play the beta before the final went live. Did you fill out the survey to get a beta key?

Bacondrinker I'm sorry I just got into pc gaming in december and CS:GO beta is my first Counter Strike. 

Hey, Hey its better then them playing some shit Cod or other easy shooter. I support all the new users, sure there not veterans but still, there getting into it so im fine with it. I love css and was just getting pretty good at it and now I tryed GO today and sucked balls! Guess I gotta get the hang of it all over again

I picked this up a few days ago. It's my first CS game and I've got to say I have really enjoyed it thus far. The only other online shooters I have played are the CoD series(Sorry, peer pressure!), and CS:GO really kicks the crap out of it. I've never had a shooter experience so intense. I love the whole feel of the game, though it does take quite some getitng used to. I've been getting destroyed in most games! Though I am determined to get good at this as it is just so much fun. 


Add me on steam if you want to play with me!

I've always been a CS fan and I feel like CS:GO is getting back to a more 1.6 feel with prettier graphics, I really hope it catches on since it's been a while since CS has been a major name in the competative scene.

Yeah i filled out the survey the day after it went live, never got a key. So sad...

You shouldn't be sorry, I encourage anybody to get into PC gaming and counter strike (except annoying 12 year olds with high pitched voices, they can stay on xbox). I just feel betrayed by valve and i know many others who do too, I've put 601 hours into counter strike:source which may not be much compared to some people but i feel it is much more than most people who recieved a cs:go beta key and I feel i should of been allowed in to the beta. I would have given a tonne of great feedback to the team, where as a good 60% of people who got in to the beta gave absolutely no feedback what so ever and have never played counter strike in their lives yet they received a beta key and still have access to the beta.

I feel they should of for most of the beta given access to those who had clocked a significant amount of hours on counter strike (hundreds of hours, like maybe 300 hours) as these are people who have dedicated large amounts of time to the beta and are sure to give brilliant feedback, afterall thats what a beta is for.

You guys know that if you pre-order it you get beta access right? It ends up being a couple of dollars cheaper that way too. I'm going to be writing up a review on the beta soon, but I'll tell you guys right now that it kicks the shit out of CSS.