Could water damaged lcd cause phone to shut down/reboot?

I ran my phone threw the wash 2 days ago. The washing machine broke mid cycle so it sat in a good 3' of soapy water for 12 hours and then sat full of the water after i got it out because i had to go to work. I pulled it all apart and cleaned the main board as best as i could. I used a electric toothbrush and 99% alcohol to remove all the soap residue and corrosion. I could not get under the heat sinks so let it soak in 99% for about 20 mins. I cleaned the cameras as well. I tested the battery with a multi meter and it read 3.8V so i guess its okay. I put it all back together and turned it on. It started up like normal and was working fine, cameras and all. The screen was full of water and the touch was hit or miss so i thought it just needed a new screen. Then it started a reboot loop after about 10mins. After the 3rd reboot it went black. I could feel the main board getting warm inside so I pulled it all apart again to disconnect the battery. Could the screen cause these symptoms or do i have bigger problems?

Is i passable the screen died completely causing it to get stuck in a boot sequence waiting for a response from the screen module and causing all the extra heat? Or did the main board shit the bed?


Its hard to say what happened. If you plug the mainboard into the battery and it gets hot without turning it on. Carefully unplug the board and the battery and toss the whole thing.

If your battery is shorted and causes the battery to heat, your battery could turn into a molten pile of slag.

Ya the main bored gets hot when you plug the battery in without the screen. I guess its toast then. Think the battery could cause that without destroying the main board? Probably not. huh? I relay don't want to buy a new phone :'(

Dude I'm pretty sure your problem is over 12 hours of soapy water. It's dead. What probably happened is that something was still wet and started to conduct while it was running and finally gave up. I highly doubt it has anything to do with the screen. Chances are that it's totally dead now. Also it's very unlikely that you would be able to get the water out from under a SMD chip just leaving it in 99% for 20 minutes. Noble effort though.

soap is a salt of a fatty acid so it produces ions in water.Tap water isnt ion free . it conducts electricity . Something might have been shorted.

Ya oh well. I would have left it in the alcohol for longer but i was afraid it would dissolve the thermal compound on the heat sinks. Probably should have taken them off in hindsight, then i would have for sure gotten everything clean.

Dude don't waste your time with what ifs. After the first 10 minutes there wasn't much you could do.

Pulled the heat sinks off. FULL of soapy water and corrosion. Use my electric toothbrush to clean her up slapped her back together and it works!!! ITS ALIVE!!!!

Screen is 90% dry as well i'm so happy right now!

Get your shit off of it. I wouldn't count on it working for long. Congratulations though. If you've got a vacuum pump and a chamber that is a really good way to dry things. Not a lot of people do though.

its all backing up right now :D

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If your photos are too big to upload then IrfanView with the RIOT plugin works well. Thats how I upload stuff.

I just got it a week ago lol there is almost nothing on it. I did have a bunch of picture on there of how my carburetors went back together so i'm glad i got it working.

If this thing lasts more than a few days i will see if i cant dry the screen out all the way. Maybe the vacuum pump would work like you said?

Probably not. It will dry it but you're always going to have mineral and soap deposits stuck in the Fresnel lenses.

philips sonicare is no joke though, that thing blasted the corrosion off like nothing. I hope the heatsink wasent too important because i busted it up getting it off and it currently on my desk and not in the phone. XD