Could this be a possible configuration for Zen VGA-Passthrough?

Could it be possible to put an upcoming Raven Ridge APU and a Ryzen R5/R7/Naples together into an AM4 Dual Socket Server Motherboard? The APU will provide an iGPU, and a R5/R7/Naples will provide extra cores.

$249 R5 1600x (6c/12th) + $100-200 Raven Ridge APU (4c/8th + iGPU) ~= $349-449 (10c/20th + iGPU)
+ $350-500 motherboard ~= $700-949


$500 R7 1800x (8c/16th) + $150-300 motherboard + $100 RX460 ~= $750-900 (8c/16th + ~comparable to the iGPU)


$350 7700k (4c/8th + iGPU) + $50-400 motherboard ~= $400-750 (4c/8th + iGPU)

Rumor that the Raven Ridge iGPU could approach the performance of a RX 460?

Some of my questions are:
Could the server motherboard provide better IOMMU support? ex. Groupings
Could you overclock the CPUs on the server motherboard?
Could the APU and R5/R7 talk to each other like Naples?
Would you have access to the extra DIMM Slots, PCIe Lanes, or NVMe like Naples?

Raven Ridge APU (AM4)

The new AMD AM4 Platform puts effortless compatibility front and center. Our new 1331-pin processor socket works with the 7th Gen AMD APU, AMD Ryzen CPU, and the upcoming “Raven Ridge” APU.

AM4 Motherboard (Naples will use the AM4 Socket)

Any thoughts on this?