Could the TekSyndicate crew make a GPG tutorial?

It would be a nice way to educate people on how to encrypt their communications and files. It would also go hand in hand with some of the GNU/Linux videos since it is tightly knit with most package management programs.

I am just creating 4096bit keys for all mail adresses I use

you want this:


which service provider is it ? I tinkered with the idea of my own mail server but I don’t do anything other than receive spam and also some purchase invoices .. not really much need for me to go above and beyond, my mail box is emptied fairly often. However, I would like a better way of emailing in future just for the sake of it.

I know how to use it, I just wanted to see if Logan or Wendell could put together a video to show how to use it. Making a video would also be a way to convince people to use it who other would not have.

Oh I meant the gpgp keys ^^ that’s provider independent.
But so you know I run my own mailserver. And have the whole transport encrypted. Only allow SMTP, IMAP over STARTLS and also offer encryption at port 25 for other Mailservers if they have it already. (clients may only use submission for sending Mail to the server)
Have implemented spf, tkim, dmarc ... all the goodies.. except DANE as my datacenters DNS dont yet support those.

That is actually pretty cool, is running a mail server as difficult as most people say it is?

Lotta work, and yes.. the configuration is had against the wall troublesome... it's not easy.. definitely not. Though I found it rewarding... now I know what’s going on, and that best effort is made to keep messages from me and my friends (whom I allow to use the service) as save as possible.