Could TekSyndicate please do more videos like this one?

This was freaking hilarious...

Could Logan PLEEEEEEEEEEASE make more sarcastic videos like this

It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to make a sarcastic video about Comcast or Mediacom or something, or maybe about the Adobe Suite since they're just stupid and not moving to Linux...or any other companies being could be like an addition to RANT:30 every week on The Tek maybe?


it could just be a separate series on its own. the problem with it is though is that logan doesnt watch tv and wendell probably doesnt watch commercials. will they know what videos to parity

They could make their own parodies of Microsoft or Apple speeches or something :P I just enjoy their sarcasm and I get a kick out of the general stupidity of companies like Verizon, Apple, Samsung, Comcast, Comcast, Verizon, Comcast, Apple, Comcast, Time Warner, Comcast, Microsoft, Comcast, etc. :P

10/10 would watch


so at first i was gonna tell you that you had repeated verizon and comcast but then i realized the point of it. so carry on

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Absolutely would,

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the last one they really did was the Kentucky way of applying thermal paste. from my understanding. or if you consider all the shenanigans they did on the "Did Apple Really Invent Anything?" video.

YES more of this!