Could some kind persons take a look at this possible build for me a complete layman. Freenas/server/DAS type thing

I should first start with a pre emptive apology. I have some health problems I'm recovering from so thoughts to text is a little trickey. If I type a load of rubbish please check back in ten minutes as I'll probably have to edit each post a few times. But be warned, my terrible typing can also mask my equally terrible ideas.

So this is what I have so far. Xeon 1260l C236 motherboard and 16Gb of ECC along with a case and power supply. From what I can tell this should do the job well. I want to network this with 3 to 4 other machines and have been looking (learning) about options. I'm thinking of using the cat5 network to the router for internet access and pulling fibre to each machine for a direct connection to the server, with a single cat5 connection between the server and router.

The networking stuff I'm looking at is a Dell Qlogic QLE2460 Single Port 4Gb Fibre Channel PCI-E HBA Network Card KD414 for each machine and quad port Qlogic card for the server along with this Fiber Patch Cable. 10m, VANDESAIL® 10G Gigabit Fiber Optic Cables with LC to LC Multimode OM3 Duplex 50/125 OFNP.

Should this all play nice with freenas and windows or am I doing wrong?

Also my daughter has an Xbox one thats always got limited space. Could I setup a partition on the freenas server the xbox could format? or maybe take an image over the network/USB for a backup? This feels like a long shot/windows 10 only sort of thing. Possibly an interesting topic in itself.

Thanks in advance.

I assume this is actually CPU. Would be helpful to link the MB so we know what are we working with (for example does it have 10G RJ-45) port. For me fibre channel is legacy technology. Seem everything is converging towards Ethernet. Unelss you can get an amazing deal on second hand hardare, I would not buy it personally. So with that in mind...

If you can be satisfied with 1Gbps speeds I would recommend the following:

  • Get a good 1G switch with a couple of 10Gbps links. Second hand Juniper or a new Netgear/Asus should do.
  • Wire up the FreeNAS to the 10G link with an Intel adapter. Look for second hand Intel network adapters. New they are a couple of hundred.
  • Wire up each client with a 1G Intel adapter (they are cheap).
  • Wire everything with CAT6a for easy upgrade to 10G in the future.

This should give you network throughput up to 1Gbps per client and depending on the hardware (PCI-E SSD / SSD / HDD) selection of the NAS and the configuration. Alternatively you can pick up a 10G capable pre-build NAS unit, however you would need to look at reviews. Pay close attention to the HDDs used.

If you are happy with this (and nobody comes up with a better solution) I can look around for some specific hardware.

Thanks for the reply.

It's this CPU,

and this board,

I can get the fibre kit pretty cheaply from shop that sells clearance stock. They workout a little less than used Intel gigabit cards. For the drives I was thinking of 6x2Tb and adding maybe another 4 later on.

I've bought most of the system now, but I'm still not sure on the three DAS fibre connections to the server. Has anyone got an opinion on this?