Cougar Solution Case...What do you guys think?

Its $50 I'm building a $500 build an need a case. Its Nothing fancy but it looks nice and has alot of cooling options. My buget is tigh but you gus could offer case suggestions.Make sure they LOOK DECENT.

I would get a corsair 200r instead and only $9 more. I have it and it is a great budget case to build with and has alot of room for a mid tower. 

With price range there shouldnt be anything fancy from new cases. You can always look for used one in good condition. To that Cougar make only sure you'll get positive pressure inside (more fresh air coming inside than going out), dont make top fans into intake ones (will get you a lot dust inside) and buy/create* dust proof mesh/filter.

* - you can make your own dust proof mesh (filter; whatever you wanna call it) from stockings (pantyhoses).


@Upper post:

Hes right with the Corsair soo if you can go over a few bucks search for it.