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Cosmo Communicator


I was surprised when @wendell mocked the size of the new flexible screen Samsung device so with that in mind, tell us your thoughts on the Cosmos Communicator. And did you use the Nokia N900 back in the day?


For a keyboard that small they should have gone with chicklet keys – no one is touch typing on that.

It’s still about half the thicnkness of the Samsung which is more tolerable.

Otherwise this product looks more interesting tbh

Unless they had tens of millions of vc I question the wisdom of doing their own email software.


They did get 2.5M funding for the Gemini PDA though, and this one is not far from 1M already with over 20 days until the end. I have no idea if they gathered additional funding in sales or vc after that though.


I like the idea of having Linux (real linux, not Android) in the palm of my hand.
Might even get the Gemini or this thing.