Corsair Vengence memory problems

ok so I have a big problem. i just recently bought a 16gb ram upgrade for my laptop (HP Dv6z-7000) I bought a corsair vengence kit with two 8gb sticks. As soon as I installed the new memory my computer started randomly getting bsod's and now just shuts off randomly without bsod's. I tried installing the orginal memory that came with the computer and now it says that windows didn't shut down correctly so I started windows and it starts to load and then never finishes it's stuck in a black screen with only the mouse. I tried testing the new memory with memtest (which is what corsair recommended) and it came up with 28 errors and then crashed so i am assuming it failed. it also failed the memory test in the hp system test in the bios. my main concern is how to get it running correctly again with the old memory because as of now it is unuseable. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

ram upgrade:

Well. Sounds like you have a defect pair of memory sticks. Reset your bios by removing the cmos battery for a minute or so. You should probably unplug the laptop battery as well to be sure. Then try again. 


On second thought about the ram. It's not sure it's broken. Probably it's just the bios having a preset CL and frequency setup. make sure the ram is set to 1600/1333 and CL 10. If the CL is lower that may be your problem. If you can't set your frequency/CL manually in the bios the way it is or with an updated bios the chips simply wont work.