Corsair Vengeance pro compatibility

Hi everybody, I'd like to know if the Corsair Vengeance Pro series is compatible with AMD CPU's.Since the Corsair website says that they are "compatible" with intel cores 3 and 4 generation.

I am aware that my question may be stupid, but I don't want to buy a set without it being compatible, since 74CAN$ is bloody cheap. (I may be wrong, I don't know THAT much about memory)

Feel free to post any suggestion or thoughts, I want to hear them!

It works. I am using the same spec ram just a different brand.

Of course it will...

It does. it just might be a little harder to setup sometimes (I ran into some tiny problems with mine.)

Look out for a "OC" profile named "Profile 1" in the bios if you run into problems.

If no profile is found, raise the voltage with 0.05v if it refuses to work properly on higher frequenties.


I know this is basic stuff, I'm just giving you a tiny heads up should you run into problems


thank you for your advice, even if you think it's basic stuff, it's basic stuff I didn't know.