Corsair Vengeance 2100 Bass Issues

So i replaced my old Logitech g430's (they died today) and picked up some Corsair Vengeance 2100's. I noticed when watching YouTube videos the bass was too much but if i downloaded the music and played it back it was fine. The bass is fine in everything else but YouTube. The only way i could describe the bass is that it has increased Db than everything else as if it was top priority. I don't know much about headphones but of anyone else could help me that would be great



I have the same headset, but I don't notice any difference in listening to music on YouTube and listening to music I have downloaded. Did you search online to see if other people were having the same problem?

Ive searched and nothing came up so I'm wondering how i fix this and/or how to reset it, i also got an SSD 3 days ago if that helps



here is an example of what it sound like: