Corsair RMi Series Type 4 Sleeved Cables

These things seem exceedingly hard to find. I've seen a couple listings for them, but either super vague, out of stock or very limited color selections. Anyone with a RMi series PSU have any suggestions on Sleeved cables? I am looking for full cables, not extensions. I'm not even entirely sure I can do them myself from the stock cables(they're all encased in the same piece of rubber/heatshrink material, and I haven't attempted peeling them apart into individual cables), but it might be the only real option.

I think it's because the Type 4 cables have capacitors strung between some of the wires, which makes sleeving them a bear.

Anyways, did you already look at PerformancePCs? They seem to have a selection of color kits available.

Yeah, I might have to just buy one of their kits. I want a grey set or a monochromatic set, but white, black or white and black sets are really the only option. I saw an anthracite grey kit somewhere(FrozenPC I believe) that was sold out. I really want a monochromatic set preferably.

I might pull one of my extra PCIe cables apart and see if I can just sleeve them myself. This search has been somewhat frustrating.