Corsair Raptor M45 or Vengeance M65?

What mouse do you think is better? I know that the two mice have different sensors, but wanted some community opinions, the raptor is currently available in Canada, slightly cheaper than the vengeance (10 bucks). I have however through google research seen a few complaints about the M45 having tracking issues or freezing/becoming irresponsive altogether.

Anyways, opinions on these two mouse are welcome/needed.


So what's your budget, and what games are you playing?

FPS/twitch shooters, Team Fortress, Battlefield also play other more casual games, GTA, indies, skyrim..... I also do a tonne of general research and report writing, everyday stuff... so a good overall performer. Budget is in Canadian Dollars, and I want to be able to test the mouse in person before I buy.... that's why these two are attractive options as they are available to test at my local canada computers location, with the M65 being on sale for $75.

Could always go with a final mouse, dunno it's pricing in canada though

Or the Zowie mice are pretty popular for FPS players

Also you can't go wrong with a cheap chinese gaming mouse

M65. Tracks like a dream on every surface. I got the RGB on friday and I'm loving every second of it.

Do you notice acceleration though? Every review seems to mention it as a thing....

I use M45 and its fantastic

Not at all. My last mouse was optical(death adder) and I hated it. This mouse is so much smoother and the adjustable dpi is a dream.

I have an M65 RGB as well. I haven't noticed any acceleration. Weirdly, it the Corsair Utility Engine acceleration is enabled by default for some reason so just turn that off and you'll be fine.

It is a really great mouse IMO.

I have all Vengeance series hardware and I can't complain. All pretty good stuff. Had all of it going on two years now.