Corsair Obsidian Series 350D?

Greetings. I'm looking at getting a new case and was seriously considering this one (Link:, but wanted to hear some outside opinions. I'm looking for an ATX Mid-tower for under $150 USD with better cable management options than my Zalman Z9 Plus, which I will be reusing once I pick up a CPU and a mobo for a build for my girlfriend, as I have enough spare parts sitting around to build another computer, but don't have need for one myself. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions of other cases to look at?

The 350D is mATX, not ATX, so you can't fit an ATX board in it.

Corsair 600T.

Well shit. Guess my Sabertooth 990FX won't fit, then. hahaha I dunno how I missed that. Serves me right for doing this at work. Since that's obviously not gonna work out, any suggestions? I think I could probably push $200 USD, but not much more than that.

If you like the 350D, look into the 650D.

For $200, though, you should really look into a used TJ07.

The 650D looks good and looks to have more than adequate cabling options, plus dust filters, etc. I like it!

Or, you could get a horribly painted TJ07, and have it repaint it yourself!

hahahaha That's such a cheesy paint job! I did just discover a gripe about the 650D in that it has USB 3.0 pass-throughs, not a mobo header.

if you buy directly from cosair which is like within 10 bucks of the newegg price, any case will get 30 off if you get a twin pack of AF120s, AF140s, or SP120s, which essentially means you get them free

Good to know.

Also, part of this is me avoiding a full-tower case, as I have no room for such a beast at the moment. The TJ07 is a beautiful case, though.