Corsair link

Hi everyone,

I (finally) got my new pc up and running.

I have a corsair H80i installed. When i go to monitor my CPU (fx8350) temps it gives a reading of 1C-25C. These number fluctuate rapidly. 

I then restart and enter BIOS to check. My BIOS says 29-34C. Which seems right. (This does not fluctuate when in BIOS).

Does anyone know of a way to fix this?



Not to my knoledge no, corsair link is still quite buggy, its reads the same kind of temps on my h80i. if your looking for smothing to measure temps in windows, speedfan and hwmonitor seem to read the most accurately on my system

Alright, thank you! Im using speedfan now and it seems to be about right! :)