Corsair HX1200i

Hy guys,

has any of you had a chance to buy the new Corsair HX1200i?

It was supposed to be released in february, but I just can't find it in any EU site yet.


I am running AX1200 PRO GOLD 4 years without a hick-up. I would expect the same from that one, but I'm not sure I want my PSU to think that much :D

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Ahahah :) I like the monitoring capabilities, I just hope it won't turn my pc against me XD

Anyway, would you buy an AX series now, if you were to buy a new PSU?

I heard some mentioning of older corsair firmware conflicting with x99 hardware, but I'm not there yet. Anytime you have less cooks in the kitchen the better. I would go for something like Silverstone to replace my current if it had compatibility issues.

Basically, I want it to make power not think about when to give it to me :D I know the baby seals are crying, but I don't drive that much if it helps any...

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Thanks! :)