Corsair h60 overclocking performance?

Hey guys so im finally building my new pc, and was wandering if the h60 would be a good choice for a cpu cooler. im getting a 4770k and a MSI Z87-G41 motherboard and looking to overclock at 4.3 - 4.5 ghz. Will the h60 be a stable and well performing cooler?

I have a fx 8150 and I have a overclock from 3.6Ghz to 4.2Ghz with a Corsair H60 and I don't have much knowledge when it comes to overclocking pc hardware, I have some but not alot.

Unless you have really low ambient temps and a golden chip that requires very little bump in voltage then I very much doubt you'll get a good oc with it. I would hazard a guess that 4.2 would be nearing the limit before thermal throttling kicks in. The H60's radiator is quite thin making it struggle with the molten core of the current gen haswell chips.

If you hang out just a bit longer until intel releases the revamped haswell cpus that have the TIM issue sorted the h60 may suffice for a half decent oc.

Yeah thats what ive heard of the h60 that 4.5ghz might be pushing it.

How about the h80i for 4.5 ghz?

Again depends on the quality of the cpu and your ambient temps. It'll perform a way better than the h60 though, due to the rad thickness.

In all honesty, I think that a good air cooler is a better idea than the 120mm all in ones, given there just isn't enough water, nor enough radiator to keep the temps down and stable.

ahh k, yeah might opt for the h80i

As long as you delid, you will OC fine.

whats delid?

Don't worry about delidding, that either involves a hammer and a vice, or a razor blade.