Corsair H110i GTX and RM1000i Review | Tek Syndicate

I wanted to share a more in-depth review of the PSU and H110i GTX that we used in the X99 editor build!

Yay high-end components!!!

I have had a lot of fun messing with this hardware.

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Aahhh, why do you post this when I am only on mobile data? I have to wait hours knowing there is a new wendell review!


being more descriptive....

I've found a use for the 9590 from AMD, the 300W TDP can be used to stress test heatsinks.

if this link doesn't work your mid range workstation GPUs are the W5100 $325 /K2200 $425 and the W7100 $600/K4200 $700 W7100 looks to be the best overall, even has 8gbs of VRAM

Hell buy em all, or find a sponsor and do a comparison test, there really aren't too many workstation GPU comparisons out there, or at least not too many that I can find.,207,216,217&sort=a8&page=1

It's hard to find info in regaurds to workstation cards and video editing, if someone, possibly yall/@wendell could do a comparision between no GPU/and then the mid range gaming GPUs vs Workstation GPUs that'd be great for whenever people need recommendations, I guess codecs matter a lot as well in regaurds to GPU acceleration, and it's not just rendering either, seems like the workstation cards make the live previews a bit quicker as well

key word "messing". Sorry you damaged your cpu. :( good review nonetheless.

aawh poor Skylake chip.

I know from some of the Tek videos you guys seem to be close to Corsair. I was wondering if you could share some contact info to reach out to someone there. While they do manufacture some great hardware, their software is....for lack of anything more positive to say....complete shit. What's worse is the fact they know it is garbage, as many of the issues for Corsair Link (their main software) has been on their Known Issues logs for about three to four years now with no resolve. They refuse to acknowledge us on their forums and there is no way to reach any developer there. From your videos, they seem like they care about their customers, but their actions prove otherwise. It is absolutely disgusting how they disregard our feedback and was hoping to find some way of contacting them directly. It is completely unacceptable to ignore your customers.
Thank you much for your time!

Very good timing with the video, as I'm currently looking to buy either the RM1000i or the HX1000i.
Any comments on differences/improvements I'd get with the HXi?
System will be X99 with two 980Ti/TitanX/TitanPascal cards for rendering/compositing/editing.

I'd recommend the Intel BXTS13X ( over the H110i GTX. Main reason, you need the cooler to pump the water back and forth compared to the thermal gel used in the Intel branded cooler. This is not water, as a lot of reviewers put in the comments. "Cooling: propylene glycol"

@wendell I want you to test out this cooler, burn it in and go up against Corsair. See how it fairs.

This video wasn't on Vessel, is there another channel I have to subscribe to or did it just not get uploaded there???

As for the Corsair stuff I have a Corsair PSU, HX1050. Four years old now but going strong. I have an H80i, it's a bit loud but does what I need. It is the second one as the pump did not survive moving house for some reason. The RMA process was painless enough that took only a few weeks. I'm not a fan of their peripherals, keyboards and such. They have gone too LED gemer style for me. I did have a Corsair mouse but I was disappointed when it died after a couple of years. So my take aways is Corsair for PSU and AIO coolers, cases are a little overpriced I think and I will leave the flashing LEDs to the 14Yr olds 360 noscopers!

Great video. Can't wait to watch it again for the first time on Vessel.

Not a bad video. I'm currently using a H105 and it runs very well.

Since this is the first release on the Tek Syndicate Hardware channel since the addition of the Vessel channels, I was wonder if there is a Tek Syndicate Hardware on Vessel? If there is I can't find it.

Sure you wouldn't want 3 4K displays for productivity rather than throwing everything at the GPUs?

That doesn't exclude more displays. Currently I'm on single 27" 1440p Dell, and a 40+ 4k or a 34 wide will be added.
Two GPUs will be mostly for rendering. Maybe even more later on in an external box.

Great Vid!!!

Hey really like this and the X99 build as I love the li lian case used and was thing of doing the same PSU placement mod but couldn't find a case that had front or top PSU placement, Given this socket and what you might not have thought was as pointant was that with the 30mm clearance on that case means you can use a slim 120/140mm fan to cool the back of the CPU socket - I reckon you could get 10% minimum temp improvement if not more like 20%- another good tower case for this is one of the "be quite!" ones with baffled side panel fans - but maybe they don't line up well?

I have h100i so I know about the software but it still dose the job - it's just a bit meh in some areas but I run it 90% of the time on my 2nd screen with task manager performance tabs open as well while I work to keep an eye on things

"I probably killed that chip."



(Great review, thanks for the dedicated and rigorous testing.)