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Corsair H100i - resetting "CMOS" on the pump circuit?

Kind of a weird case, hoping someone can help me out. I have a Corsair H100i AIO, one of the first gen ones. It has RGB lighting in the pump housing. I connected it to a system with running Corsair iCUE which had a CPU-temp gradient RGB setting (normal operating temps green, 70C turns orange, 85C red, etc.) The H100i adopted this color scheme, so it now has a baseline illumination of green.

The problem is this: neither Corsair Link or iCUE will detect the H100i, so I’m unable to change the color settings (according to Corsair forums this model is so old that the software won’t work with it.) I’ve connected it to two other PCs, as well as just plugging it into a PSU - in every case, it starts out with white light, then in a few seconds turns green. It’s like the iCUE settings are a virus that’s infected the pump lighting.

It occurred to me that there should be a way to reset the circuit in the H100i, kind of like resetting the CMOS on a motherboard, and that this might fix the issue. Does anyone know a way to do this? Or any other fix would be welcome, as well.

The best bet I think is getting the old software contacting Corsair support and set the lighting the way you want them to work.
To access the AIO controller inside the CPU block you should take it all apart and even then there isn’t, as far as I know, a port you could use to reset it.
Maybe if you had an EEPROM reader and a copy of the factory settings you could do it, but that’s also really difficult and risky.

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That’s a good point, there probably was a software that pre-dated Link (which is itself now outdated and replaced by iCUE.) Thanks for the suggestion.

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