Corsair H100 choose fans

i want to chance my cpu fans form my h100 the normal ones for : 

Noctua NF-P12 120mm

is this a good choose?


greetz stephan

yes they are great fans.


my cpu is on normal windows about 30 temp you think it will be less then?

it depends on ambient temps no water cooling unit can give sub ambient temps. lets say your home is at 70f  best you can hope for is 70f core temps and 80f socket temps.

i use core temp its about 31 to 35 you think it will be less?

what temp do you keep your room at?


24 degree is it here and inside the case 27.

nou mijn amd draaid idle in windows ook rond de 28/30 graden. stock koeler.

my fx8350 also run idle in windows on 30 de grees. (stock cooler)

but those noctua´s are good fans

yeah i want to get some degrees of my cpu so i can overklock it some more:P

but 30 degrees idle on a H100 LC isnt that a bit hot?  stock speed?

normal you have to do an oc on a H100 without any problems. with the standard fans

then yes there is a potental for a 2-6c drop at idle. maby 10c at load at best.

i7 3770k ide 29 till 35 degrees 3.9 ghz at the moment turbo modus.

looks strange to me realy, my  amd fx8350 runs idle 28/31 degrees, turbo enabled on 4.2 ghz.. :S in the bios it sais 31 degrees

he has a warm house and h100 stock fans never get close to ambient temps.

Here's some good reviews on a large number of 120mm radiator fans so you can take a look at that for specs and such.

Take a look at the Noctua NF-F12 as well.