Corsair fan rings

I see pictures everywhere of people mounting corsair fans to their radiators, and they typically have red rings around them. I know that the AF/SP series have detachable rings, howevever, corsair dont make SP140 fans (only 120).

Does this mean that every time I see this, those people are using SP120 fans? Or are they sticking AF140 fans on their rads?

I love the rings, so I'm trying to find a way to get those corsair fans onto a rad (haven't decided which one), but it seems I'd be stuck either using a 240mm rad or throwing AF fans on there which doesn't seem ideal. Is there another alternative?

I was thinking of getting the h110, but given that its a 280mm rad, I presumably wouldn't be able to get those fan rings without using AF fans on there?

You are right SP120 or AF140 for the rings (I used the SP120 on rad & AF140 on rear).